Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

We use several machines in the home some of which are automated while others are manually operated. If any of these malfunctions it causes a lot of inconvenience to our daily routine. For instance if we have a remote operated garage door and its opener malfunctions then we will be tempted to call a Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting in order to set it right. However, sometimes the trouble with the machinery is so simple that you can easily fix it yourself and you don’t even need any great mechanical knowhow or skills in order to do that. The same can be said of garage door opener troubleshooting. It is easy to fix a garage door opener that is malfunctioning provided you know to operate a few basic tools. However, first of all you have to understand what the problem with the opener is, because sometimes the problem may be too complicated for you to handle yourself and you may require professional help.

No need for a craftsman

There could be any number of reasons for the garage door to malfunctions like springs that have developed rust, unresponsive clickers or even because the garage door opener has been damaged due to wear and tear or due some impact. Getting a basic knowledge of the parts and their functioning in a garage door will make repairing garage door openers a piece of cake and will eliminate the requirement of a craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener TroubleshootingWhy doesn’t the garage door close completely?

If you observe that the garage door openers are not able to close the door all the way, the first thing you should check is the close switch limit. Check out whether this requires any kind of adjustments to be made. In some cases, it may happen that the garage door binds when it is being raised and has to be lowered manually. Avoid doing this as it will damage the response of the clickers on the garage door. These clickers are programmed in order to respond to switch limits and manual manipulation will make them unresponsive. This is similar to the problem you are facing in opening your door.

Does the garage door reverse immediately when it hits the floor?

If this is the case again you should check the close switch limit as there is a major possibility that it requires adjusting. Another reason for this kind of behavior of the garage door could be a problem with the springs. The springs lose their elasticity and become unresponsive to the signals from the door opener. In this case the springs should be replaced immediately in order to prevent further damage to other parts of the garage door. Even this kind of a problem does not require calling the Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting.

Sometimes the garage door motor keeps running even if the door is completely open or closed.

This kind of a motor malfunction could be because the motor unit is placed near the limit switch. The motor is meant to provide power to all the moving parts of your garage door and if it malfunctions the door could become inoperable. Hence to keep the motor unit in proper working order, make sure that it is nowhere near the limit switch. The functioning of the limit switch interferes with the functioning of the motor unit and causes it to malfunction.

Why is garage door not opening or closing with the help of the opener?

In some cases common sense could be the solution to the problem, like in case the garage door does not respond to a signal from the opener, then maybe the remote is too far away from the garage door. Try bringing it closer to the garage door and then operate it. However, the problem may not always be so simplistic. The antenna of the motor unit may not be picking up the signal. In order to ensure that the antenna of the motor unit remains in proper working condition, you should never keep it hanging down. The clickers and garage door opener may require reprogramming which is a task meant for a craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting and should not be attempted by yourself, unless you have thorough mechanical knowledge.


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